Psychotherapy & Counselling
Psychotherapy & Counselling 

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Each one of us is born with so much potential and our unique destiny. My aim is to help you express your individuality and true potential.

At some point in our lives we may reach a crisis stage, when we struggle to cope; when we feel anxious, unhappy or lost. The role of therapy is to provide a safe environment where you can discuss worries and concerns, openly and honestly. Somewhere safe where you can work on resolving issues so you can step forwards with confidence.

"We cannot see our reflection in running water; it is only in still water that we can see".

Taoist proverb.

To me this proverb encapsulates the work of psychotherapy. To slow down the everyday hectic fast pace of modern life and spend some time putting ourselves first. To appreciate the wonder that we truly are.

I see clients with a variety of issues ranging from stress and anxiety to relationship problems. I offer one hour weekly sessions at an affordable cost. I work in Northwood and Hendon, taking clients from sorrounding areas of Harrow, Pinner, Hatch End, Stanmore, Watford, Eastcote, Mill Hill, Brent Cross and Edgware.


For further information or to make an appointment or telephone: 07813 608494